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Leveraging Vision AI to Provide Real-Time Area Monitoring and Detection


ALPHA-EL Inc. is a Northern First Nations-owned company creating Vision AI products for real-time monitoring and detection of specific zoned areas. 

ALPHA-EL Inc. uses ML and LLM to build customizable systems that solve our customers' unique industry challenges. 

Our systems focus on wildlife monitoring and wildfire detection.

Alpha-EL specializes in species (caribou and moose) native to the Canadian North giving us a unique advantage in the northern wilderness helping groups looking to protect and monitor their lands and critical infrastructure. 


We are dedicated to solutions that meet our clients' unique needs. Our VISION RAVENi System offers real-time monitoring and detection of specific zoned areas using advanced Vision AI products. 

VISION RAVENi  Model on the fields

Our Product

Our Vision RAVENi System offer real-time monitoring and detection of specific zoned areas. With our expertise, we can meet any challenge. 

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We offer real-time data-driven insight on wildlife habitat disturbances, landscape changes, and wildlife movements within set zones.

Wildlife Monitoring

 Real-time fire detection through AI-enabled fire and smoke detection. 

Fire Detection

Cutting-edge InSAR technology to detect millimeter-scale surface changes.


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