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VISION RAVENi Wildlife offers real-time data-driven insight on wildlife habitat disturbances, and wildlife movements within set zones over time. Our models specialize in caribou, moose, and bears (in development). This information aids in evaluating wildlife health as well as development impacts and responsible project design for potential industry development. 

  • Streamlines permitting by addressing concerns around species disruption. 

  • Supports regulatory compliance.

  • Provides insight to minimize risks for wildlife in mining regions. 

  • Provides surveillance to alert for wildlife disturbances around camps and infrastructure. 

  • Models offer real-time or delayed detection and analysis of desired wildlife. 

Wildlife Detection and Identification

Caribou, wildlife monitoring


Our Fire Raven System pilot uses an AI/ML Optical Thermal Surveillance Capability System that can detect wildfires through thermal and smoke analysis.


This system provides real-time information to firefighters and other stakeholders including local and Indigenous communities, aiding in rapid response, and assisting with the tactical management of wildfires. 


  • Provides real-time wildfire detection. 

  • Provides ongoing hotspot detection (in development). 

  • Offers predictive modeling tools (in development). 

Smoke and Fire in Forest

Real-time fire detection through AI-enabled fire and smoke detection.

Raven Crow



Monitor your terrain with InSAR. Cutting-edge InSAR technology to detect millimeter-scale surface changes.

Alpha-EL's partnership with MDA’s groundbreaking space-based InSAR service enables precise monitoring of ground movements, detecting millimeter-scale surface changes within Canada and the United States. 

InSAR, surface terrains

Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar

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